Environment and sustainability

The seas, where Framherji operates, is clean and contains abundant resources. The marine resource management for the area, has somehow been successful in its management of the various species. Today, some of the world's largest fishstocks inhabit these waters. We are fully aware of our responsibility to protect this marine environment. We wish to secure this option, for future generations to exploit the marine resource sustainably. Therefore we have set ourselves some goals.

The goal for Framherji regarding the protection of the marine environment is to:

  • participate in the protection of nature and its environment
  • preserve a clean and rich sea
  • prevent and limit pollution of the sea, coastal areas and the air
  • prevent other negative impacts upon nature and its environment deriving from our activities.

Framherji has also initiated actions relating to construction and green energy. Our joint office and warehouse building, contains a heating system where the heat is 100% generated by seawater. Regarding vessel construction, the recently built Akraberg has a battery system, intended to reduce energy consumption onboard. The vessel can also connect to land-based electricity when docked. All these activities combined, contribute towards reducing oil consumption and the reduction of noise- and smoke from the vessel.