The Origins of Framherji

The company’s history orginated in 1994, when Elisabeth Eldevig and Anfinn Olsen, together with Samherji HF, decided to cooperate in the founding of the company Sp/f Framherji. The first step of the newly established Framherji, was to purchase the vessel Beinir, sold by a court order in the Autumn of 1994. The vessel was renamed Akraberg and after some minor reconstruction work, begun commercial operations in February 1995.

The basis for this mutual interest in commercial fishing was laid at a very young age, with both Elisabeth and Anfinn’s parents quite heavily engaged in the industry. For example, Anfinn´s father, was a successful commercial skipper. He was one of the main founding members of the fishing company P/F Regn, founded in 1968. Furthermore, Elisabeth was raised in the village of Fuglafjørður, where there was an plethora of commercial related fishery activities, both at sea and ashore.

Both Elisabeth and Anfinn, studied Fisheries Science in the eighties, at the Tromsø University in Norway. Their life paths entwined in such a manner, that it has enabled them to blend and combine their dual home- and commercial interests. Together they operate Sp/f Framherji and its daughter companies. The company has since evolved into one of the largest fishing conglomerates within the Faroe commercial sphere.