What We Do

Framherji strives to be reckoned amongst the foremost commercial fishery companies in the North Atlantic Ocean. To secure the future outlook for the company, it is important for us, to continually focus upon adding value to our products, maintaining a sound financial feasibility and developments.

The company operates vessels engaged in pelagic-, demersal- and shrimp fishing. The catch is sold and value added in land based processing plants. We always endeavour to supply a sustainable high quality raw product.

The company is located on the harbour waterfront in its home village Fuglafjørður. We employ approximately 150 staff and we endeavour to create an exciting and safe workplace for all our staff, both ashore and offshore.

In addition to its activities related to fishing vessels, Framherji is also a major shareholder in the companies Faroe Origin and Pelagos, and is also an active member in the deepfreeze warehouse plant Bergfrost.